Currently Obsessed: The Perfect Fruit


I’ve always loved grapefruits ever since I was a little girl. I remember looking forward to (and always getting so excited!) when grapefruits went on sale at my dad’s work because I knew that meant that he’d bring some home. If I remember correctly, awesome grapefruit sales at the time were 25 cents each, and each of us kids would get our own half and eat it with what we called “special spoons”…spoons I later learned were actually made for scooping out grapefruits, fancy that 😉


Well, I’m not quite sure how it happened that I stumbled upon grapefruits last year, but I did. My childhood love was rekindled all over again, a new obsession was born, and I just happened to have a husband who loves me and appreciates my quirks enough that he was happy to indulge my obsession ^_^.

Then one day, while I was eating a grapefruit, I reminisced to Walker about my family’s “special spoons,” and how much I loved them even though they weren’t even all that special looking. It was just a random, offhand, conversation that I didn’t really expect Walker to even remember, but for Christmas a few weeks later I unwrapped 5 adorable grapefruit spoons! Apparently Walker had looked them up on the internet after our conversation, and had been hiding them from me ever since they came in the mail *insert happy crying face* ❤ They were wayyy cuter than the spoons from my childhood, and they were the perfect size for my tiny hands as well! Maybe all special spoons come in that size, I’m not sure, but they sure were perfect. Annnnnd of course my grapefruit obsession grew even more, now that the process of eating them was so satisfying 😉

It’s been a good 6 months and my grapefruit obsession is still going strong…so I think it’s safe to say that grapefruits will be a happy part of my life forever!


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