The Six-Month-Long Project 

In November of 2016 I started a project for one of my dearest friends Miss Fosket. Buuuuut as soon as I began the project I found myself way too sick to continue working on it until February when Walker and I moved into our new apartment.

My plan for the project was to give it to Miss Foskett on her birthday later that month, so I was pretty bummed when I realized that I obviously wasn’t going to be able to pull that off. But I knew Miss Foskett would appreciate her gift just as much no matter when I got it to her, so I decided to just be patient with myself and enjoy the most-likely-long process.

Well I finally finished it and was able to give it to her a couple weeks ago. Yay!!

It was a set of mismatched, handmade stationary (because she loves stationary)…complete with cards and a box of stickers! All my original art :). I didn’t take pictures of everything, but here are some pics…

The lid of the sticker box…
And the inside! Homemade, hand cut stickers. I’ll share more pictures of the stickers in another post.
One of the cards 🙂 Handlettered, printed on kraft cardstock, cut out, & mounted on puffy tape, hehe. I made a couple of these.
Another card, drawn directly onto the card with colored pencils. Because Miss F. Loves lighthouses!
And another one ❤

And that’s that! 6 months of love and hard work summed up in one blog post 🙂


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