We Finally Have A Bedroom Again!!!

So…I didn’t blog about this whole ordeal yet buuut a couple weeks after Walker and I moved into our new apartment there were some crazy storms that caused leaks into our new bedroom which caused a brand new mold problem. Yeahhh I really should’ve blogged about it earlier…but because my computer is stationed in our bedroom and our bedroom was moldy and making me super, extra sick, I pretty much had to stop going in there entirely. At least not unless I absolutely had to, and even then it was usually only for a few seconds . 

SO. At least a month and a half ago (I really should’ve written the date down…haha) Walker and I had to move our bed into the living room until the construction to fix the leaking window and moldy wall happened. The construction was supposed to take a day, but the mold problem was a lot worse than they expected (we tried to tell them :P) so it ended up lasting a few weeks instead. And after that, the glue (or something) that they used in the construction smelled so bad and toxic and made us both (but especially me) feel so sick that we were stuck sleeping in our living room until the fumes cleared up. And that took a month or so in and of itself.


Honestly though, moving back into our room was actually kind of weird…almost like we were staying at a friend’s house or something and weren’t actually at home. Haha. But still, it’s sooo wonderful!!

And now that I have non-toxic access to my computer again (I’ve been posting from my tablet these last 7 weeks or so, which can only handle short little posts and makes it incredibly difficult to actually blog), I finally get to work on getting my blog back up and running! So that’s something else I’m super thankful for 🙂

And that’s that! I’ve been writing too long and my brain is crying, so I’ll write more later. ^_^


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