A Year Of Coloring Books

I have officially dubbed 2017 as my “Year of Coloring Books” and I’m not gonna lie…I am very much okay with this. Hehe.

At this time last year I owned 2 coloring books: Johanna Basford’s “Secret Garden” (which got destroyed from mold and had to be thrown away *cries*), and Millie Morotta’s “Tropical World.” I kind of assumed I wouldn’t get any more for another few years, because 2 books were plenty. But for Christmas I received two more coloring books and a coloring calendar!

Then a month ago I found a steal of a deal on two other coloring books that I had my eyes on for a while, and so those got added to my collection as well.

BUT THEN it gets worse, because for my birthday Walker gave me $35 to spend on coloring books…

$35 will typically get you 2-4 coloring books on Amazon, which is already a lot. But if you give Cassia $35…wellll…you can bet you’re going to end up with a lot more than just 4 coloring books. 😛

BUT. I’m not one of those people who wants everything all at once. And I’m also not one of those people that likes to keep everything for herself. I like to space exciting things out so that I can enjoy them one-at-a-time over the course of a few months rather than all at once. And I love to share. So when my coloring books arrive, I’m going to choose my favorite of the lot and only color in that one for a while. So not only will I be able to enjoy a beautiful new coloring book, but my excitement for the other coloring books will be building up at the same time! Hehe. It’s a win-win. 😉

And(!!!) what’s extra, “cherry-on-top”-exciting about the coloring books I just purchased is that they aren’t just for me. Half of the books were purchased for another purpose, which I’m sure I’ll share soon enough.

Enjoy the little things in your lives today, friends, because they really are very big things ❤ ^_^

~Cassia Dee


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