About My Scrapbook

 Welcome to my Scrapbook —an extension of “Yours Truly, Cassia Dee”— a simple, happy little place for me to keep in touch with the people who love me ❤

After 5 years of multiple, life-threatening chronic illnesses, I recently discovered that for the last year-and-a-half I had also been getting poisoned from mold. The poisoning was so severe to my already sick body that it nearly ended my life earlier this year, so my doctors believe that I have at least a year ahead of me, likely 2, before my body will fully detox and begin to truly heal from all the damage that the poisoning caused.

Basically, what that means is that for the next year or so I will likely remain where I currently am: on semi-quarantine from many environments and circumstances that are especially toxic to my struggling body. I’m not sure when I will be strong enough to start hanging out with people again, so that means that seeing friends and spending time with people will likely remain a very rare and sporadic occurrence for some time *sad face*.

BUT because I care very much about the people who love me, and because I want to be involved in their lives and involve them in mine somehow, I decided the best way to accomplish that was to add an extension of my blog specifically for the purpose of giving anyone who wishes to keep in touch with me an easy way to do so.

And that is what my Scrapbook is all about! While my blog (currently under construction) is the place where I share what’s going on with my health as well as in my heart and thoughts, my Scrapbook is all about the simple, everyday things that make up my life. It is basically going to be little snapshots of day-to-day happenings: things I’m doing, little things that made me happy or brought me joy, coloring book pages, original art I’ve made, projects I’m working on, and, of course, random, weird little things sprinkled within as well! 😉

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you will stick around and use this scrapbook to keep in touch with me in simple little ways as well ❤

~Cassia Dee