About Cassia

Hi there, and welcome to my scrapbook!

I’m Cassia, the blogger behind “Yours Truly, Cassia Dee“.

I’m a lover of Jesus, my awesome husband Walker, and all things happy, beautiful, good, and true.

I’m an extra-tiny woman with a big heart, and have lived with chronic illness almost my entire life, but especially so these last 5 years.

During these recent years, multiple illnesses and injuries caused me to have to give up many things that I really loved. A few of those things were singing, guitar playing, working, driving, finishing up my college degree, and hiking/other athletic things. Laughing, smiling, computer usage, writing, and talking are a few other things that I’ve had to give up to a large degree, although not entirely, due to a broken jaw and migraines.

From the outside, the absence of laughter, energy, music, and the rest might look to some people like I’m a completely different person. After all, I know that I myself spent years trying to understand who I still was without all those things. But the truth is that I’m still a smiling, singing, laughing Cassia inside…I just had to learn entirely anew how to express myself when all my regular avenues of doing so were taken away. It’s been a LOT of work figuring that out, as if I’ve had to learn to walk again but without any legs, but I’ve come a long way.

And that’s where I am today 🙂

I have songs in my heart, instead of nearly always on my lips.
I have laughter and joy in my spirit, something that isn’t as easily heard but that is just as real.
And instead of always having a smile on my lips that will add injury to my already broken jaw, I express smiles through art, words, pictures, and just living in the moment enjoying things to their fullest.

Despite everything that I’ve had to give up, I have learned to love the simple, seemingly small capacity of life that God still allows me to enjoy. It is still a beautiful life, even though it’s so hard.

I’m a blogger so I’m sure it goes without saying that I love writing and the potential that words have to be freeing, encouraging, and healing. Due to migraines and brain fog from a few injuries and illnesses, writing is something that I cannot do anywhere near as easily as I once could. It takes much time, energy, and effort to put enough words together to write something suitable to be shared, but I have learned to be content with that, finding joy and freedom in the slow process that writing has become.

I have lots of dreams, despite the number of limitations and odds against me. I think dreaming is a beautiful and motivating part of life, and I will never stop believing that God is able to one day still achieve some of these dreams in my life.

Walker is my greatest supporter and my dearest and most best friend. He shows me the love of Christ every single day, believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself, and sacrifices daily to invest in my wellbeing and my dreams simply because he believes that I am worth it. I don’t know how I ended up with someone so incredible, and I don’t know where I would be without him.

Some of the other things that I love include yellow, dolphins, the number 22, kittens, flowers, nature, the sound of rain, colored pencils, Larabars, frozen fruits and veggies, treehouses, journals, fine-point pens, audiobooks, science, dresses, and, of course, lots and lots of hugs!

I also love YOU! 😉

Hugs & Smiles!
~Cassia Dee